Group photo of SOAR scholars and admin team in Lane Hall

SOAR Scholars

SOAR scholars are juniors and seniors from the University of Michigan - Ann Arbor. While they have a range of academic interests, majors, and minors, they represent the next generation of HIV behavioral and social science researchers.

Read more about our current scholars below!

2023 SOAR Students

Name and Pronouns About School or College Major Minor
A picture of Isabella Bonnewit Isabella Bonnewit


Isabella is a senior at the University of Michigan studying the intersections of disease and society. Her research interests include HIV prevention and treatment, resilience factors for children and adolescents living with HIV, and how these can be enhanced through critical consciousness. College of Literature Science & the Arts

Biology, Health and Society & Social Theory and Practice

Quantitative Methods in the Social Sciences
A picture of Ava Burzycki Ava Burzycki


Ava is a junior at the University of Michigan studying Public Health Sciences with an interest in sexual, maternal, and women’s health. Outside of SOAR, she is a journalist for the Michigan Daily and a sexual wellness program assistant at Wolverine Wellness.

Public Health Sciences

Gender and Health
A picture of Rafael Cortes Rafael Cortes


Rafael is an undergraduate student at the University of Michigan pursuing a dual degree in Community and Global Public Health and Molecular, Cellular, and Developmental Biology. As an aspiring public health professional, Rafael is passionate about the integration of engineering, natural science, and public health as a way to promote health equity. School of Public Health, College of Literature Science & the Arts

Community and Global Public Health; Molecular, Cellular, and Developmental Biology

Materials Science and Engineering
a photo of Feaven Gebrezgi Feaven Gebrezgi


Feaven Gebrezgi is planning to graduate with her Bachelors of Science from the School of Public Health, studying Public Health Sciences. She currently works as an ambassador for the Comprehensive Studies Program (CSP), as a Campus Day Tour Guide, and as a Resident Advisor (RA). After graduating, she hopes to get her Masters in Public Health (MPH). School of Public Health

Public Health Sciences

photo of Hadas Kluger Hadas Kluger


I am from Ann Arbor and transferred to University of Michigan last winter. I hope to pursue a Masters in Social Work and potentially a PhD in Psychology. I hope to become a Sex Therapist or become a professor. I am very passionate about sex education and reproductive care access for everyone! I look forward to learning and working with other people in the program! College of Literature Science & the Arts


Community Action and Social Change
photo of Maddy Ligon Maddy Ligon


Hi! My name is Maddy and I'm a junior at Michigan, planning to studying philosophy, politics, and economics. I am interesting in studying the political implication of HIV/AIDs and working towards creating policies that promote acceptance and equality. College of Literature Science & the Arts

Philosophy, Politics, and Economics

A picture of Celia Guadalupe  Morones Martinez. Celia Guadalupe Morones Martinez


I am originally from Detroit, Michigan and I am a first-generation Mexican American college student. I take an interest in canvas painting, watching Korean films, and shopping on Poshmark. I enjoy participating in research related to marginalized LGBTQ+IA groups in Asia, as well as hope to pursue a master's in Asian Studies or Women's Studies in the near future. College of Literature Science & the Arts

Women and Gender Studies, and Sociology

Korean Language
photo of Kaitlene Poblete Kaitlene Poblete


Kaitlene has a passion for reproductive health and justice, as well as improving conditions within underserved communities and populations. School of Public Health, College of Literature Science & the Arts

Public Health Sciences

a photo of Saige Porter Saige Porter


I’m a first generation college student in the gender and health program with the intention to pursue a career in global public health. I am passionate about traveling abroad and interacting with different cultures, and also advocating for the rights of marginalized communities. College of Literature Science & the Arts

Gender and Health

photo of Anita Shubert Anita Shubert


Anita is a junior at the University of Michigan double majoring in Psychology and Women’s and Gender Studies. She is interested in research pertaining to mental health, marginalized communities, and the media. In her free time, she enjoys painting her nails with intricate designs, starring in musicals, and scrapbooking. College of Literature Science & the Arts

Psychology, Women's and Gender Studies

A picture of Annabella Vidrio. Annabella Vidrio


Originally from Norwalk, California, Annabella is a 2nd generation Mexican-American. On campus, she works for SMTD's Office of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, with the intent of promoting a supportive university environment. Through her research, Annabella hopes to raise awareness for minority communities and address issues relating to accessible healthcare. College of Literature Science & the Arts; School of Music, Theatre & Dance

Dance, and Gender and Health

SOAR Alumni

Name and Pronouns About School or College Major Minor
A picture of Adrian Beyer. Adrian Beyer


Adrian Beyer is a current student at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, and a member of the inaugural SOAR cohort. His academic and research interests include gender and sexuality studies, LGBTQ+ studies, Thai language, Thai studies, and sociology. College of Literature Science & the Arts

Women's and Gender Studies, Asian Studies, Sociology

A picture of Niah Boyd. Niah Boyd


Outside of SOAR, Niah currently serves as a member of the Evaluation Team for CommonGround, and as an undergraduate researcher in the Center for RNA Studies under Dr. Alice Telesnitsky. Niah is passionate about the impacts of infectious diseases on marginalized communities and she plans to become a physician-researcher to study these impacts. College of Literature Science & the Arts


Global Health
A picture of Holly Gurnik. Holly Gurnik


Hi, my name is Holly and I am studying Community and Global Public Health at the School of Public Health and minoring in Sociology of Health and Medicine! I am interested in injury prevention, particularly substance use prevention and treatment as well as HIV-related research. I work on a research project called System for Opioid Overdose Surveillance (SOS) and as a tour guide. School of Public Health

Community and Global Health

Sociology of Health and Medicine
A picture of Evan Hall. Evan Hall


Evan is an HIV activist. His broad impact ranges from policy initiatives with the Michigan HIV/AIDS Council to mixed methods research in HIV prevention with Professor Rogerio Pinto. Evan's goal is to synthesize the biomedical perspective with behavioral and social science research to enter the next generation of ending the HIV epidemic. College of Literature Science & the Arts

Biology, Health, and Society

A picture of Noelle Harris. Noelle Harris


Noelle is currently an undergraduate researcher within the Multiple Identify Intersections (Mii) Lab and the BREATHE (Binding Research to Advance Transmasculine Health) Project, where she conducts mixed-methods research with marginalized populations. College of Literature Science & the Arts

Biopsychology, Cognition, and Neuroscience & Gender and Health

A picture of Joshua Kennedy. Joshua Kennedy


Hey all! My name is Josh and I'm a 3rd year at UM studying Sociology & Biochemistry. In terms of research, I am interested in domestic public health, specifically among historically disadvantaged communities (especially those in rural backgrounds). Outside of SOAR, I love to backpack, explore Michigan, and go on runs! College of Literature Science & the Arts


A picture of Myla Lyons. Myla Lyons


I am passionate about empowerment and self-actualization via optimization of mental, physical, social, and spiritual wellness. I am an aspiring Clinical & Community Psychology PhD, and enjoy martial arts, yoga, and vegan food. College of Literature Science & the Arts

Biopsychology, Cognition, and Neuroscience

A picture of Eamonn McGonigle. Eamonn McGonigle


Hi there! I am a senior in Public Health with a focus on sexual health education, activism, and research, specifically as it pertains to HIV/AIDS and health inequity. I hope to go on to do a Master's degree in the US or abroad in infectious disease or epidemiology. When I am not in school you can find me cooking, swimming, or preparing for next Halloween. School of Public Health

Bachelor of Science in Public Health Sciences

A picture of Jasmine Mumpfield. Jasmine Mumpfield


Jasmine Mumpfield has current plans to pursue a MPH in health equity, social justice, and human rights or global health. College of Literature Science & the Arts

Gender and Health

AfroAmerican & African Studies
A picture of Rakira Urquhart. Rakira Urquhart


In addition to being a SOAR Scholar, Rakira currently serves as the President of the Black Undergraduate Medical Association. She is interested in using feminist theory and intersectionality as frameworks to address the health outcomes of marginalized communities. College of Literature Science & the Arts

Gender and Health

African and African-American Studies